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Project Development

The main focus at INFRA Project Development GmbH is on project development – from the initial proposal to the start of construction work. INFRA initiates projects and develops them with proven competence and a critical awareness of the possible risks and the potential benefits so as to guarantee acceptance on the part of investors and banks and hence the necessary funding.

With its interdisciplinary approach and an experienced team of experts, INFRA combines the technical, economic and legal spheres and employs its proven expertise and the successful integration of all project aspects to deliver a decisive advantage in terms of added value.

Project initiation
With its long years of experience in project management plus an extensive network of experts and partners, INFRA is able to identify and initiate projects with the potential for success.

Project development
With an interdisciplinary approach combining the technical, economic and legal spheres, INFRA delivers critical added value in the project development phase.  

Project involvement
INFRA participates in the project development risks to varying degrees – from contingency fee solutions to a direct shareholding in the project company.